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Enjoy great Italian food and a good glass of wine with friends.

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diVino has an exceptional selection of over 300 wines. There is no-fuss menu of starters, specials and main courses that is sure to satisfy even the most demanding palate. But the charm of diVino is surely not the etiquette and pomp of fine-dining experience. diVino is about sharing a relaxed meal with friends, family and associates.

To reserve a table or for a more specialized service such us larger parties, corporate events and special events dinners. Please make an online reservation, email or call us on 02 714 8723

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diVino is also offering catering service.

Private dinner at home or special events at requested places can be arranged with adequate notice, elaborating a personalized menu according to given budget, number of participants and logistics.
Accessories and furniture can be brought on site, to give you the same pleasant dining experience you can have at diVino in the comfort of your home.

diVino Bangkok

Dear friends of diVino: we are the only true diVino in Thailand.
Please beware of imitators